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<h2>Client Reviews</h2>
Feedback from our Clients


June Gonzalez

Watching those amazing animals doing what they do best in their natural environment was one of the best experiences of my life and a memory that will stay with me for a long time. The Cheetah was my favourite! Arican Trails did an amazing work!

Denis Junior

The whole trip was amazing. Everything from the Mara camp to the animals in the wild. The service at the camp is first rate, right down to the hot chocolate and wake up call in the mornings. I think seeing a herd of 19 elephants was one of the most memorable part of the trip, but it’s hard to pick out just one.

Frank Knowles

This was my first time in Sub Saharan Africa so I was excited just touching down on Kenyan soil…The most memorable experiences were many. Driving towards Lake Elementaita and seeing the hazy pink fog on the horizon which as we drew closer realised that is was 1000’s of pink flamingos!

Daisy Carter

It is hard to pick out one most memorable bit of our safari. Probably Ben, our tour guide. They made our stay so memorable. Ben who became part of our family. He took our us to the centre of real action in the Masai Mara Reserve.